The History

Passion and experience from 1952

Since 1952 Zanolli has been manufacturing ovens and machines for pizzerias, pastry shops and bakeries.

Historical photo ovens Zanolli


The excellences we collaborate with

Investing in training, in the pursuit of the perfection and in technology has always been our creed to support professionals in their specialization path.

Small pastry preparation - Zanolli pastry chef courses


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Bread preparation
Pizza baking - Bakery ovens

Ovens for pizza

The wide range of professional pizza ovens offered by Zanolli enables you to set up a kitchen where you can create new recipes, explore different types of dough and amaze even the most demanding customers.

Pastry ovens Zanolli

Ovens for pastry

The technique and precision needed to create a balanced and unique cake or pastry match those applied by Zanolli for 70 years in the construction of its pastry ovens.

We share your same passion for creating trademark and high quality products, adapting our designs to your individual production requirements.

Zanolli Bakery Ovens

Ovens for bread

Whether it’s a traditional village shop or a large city bakery, Zanolli has the ideal solution for your needs.

Since 1952, we have been building bakery ovens calibrated according to your daily production, with a focus on energy saving and the future growth of your business.

Preparation of gastronomic dishes - Zanolli oven

Ovens for gastronomy

Thanks to the technology and versatility of the Zanolli deli ovens, you can optimize preparation times and reduce pre-service work time, guaranteeing your customers the quality you want to offer, every day.

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