Usually, you are shown the characteristics of the ovens, but what if you were shown their character? How many similarities would there be with yours? An oven can reflect the personality of the person who designs and manufactures it, but also of the professional who uses it.

With its 70-year history, Zanolli is an example of metalworking manufacture with human beings at its core and culture in its DNA. To create a further point of contact between ovens and users, the company offers an unprecedented key to getting to know yourself through the equipment you choose for your workshop. Or vice versa, to orient oneself in the choice based on similarities with one’s own character.

So, if a pastry chef who demands the utmost precision for cooking relies on a ‘perfectionist’ oven like Teorema Ànemos, a delivery entrepreneur will look for an ‘athletic’ oven ready for all challenges like Synthesis; those with a ‘conqueror’ temperament will discover that AVGVSTO resembles them, and those who love travel and adventure will mirror themselves in Citizen, the ‘citizen of the world’.

Zanolli’s professionalism is also demonstrated in its ability to be playful with style, involving a wide audience in a journey that is both amusing and instructive. And by daring to suggest that even machines have a soul.

To find out which kind of oven you are, just stay tuned to Zanolli’s social media. At regular intervals, the main personality traits of each oven will be revealed and it will be up to you to make the match.

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