Our history

Passion and experience

A family affair since 1952

In 1952, the passion and experience of Giovanni Zanolli was combined with the entrepreneurial talent of his son Gianfranco to create Elettropizza, Zanolli’s signature electric pizza oven, the first in a series of highly valued and reliable products.

Elettropizza marked the beginning of a success story in the design and manufacture of ovens and machines for pizzerias, pastry shops and bakeries, which soon led Zanolli to enter the European market with a high quality Italian-made product, with the addition in the 1970s of new models of mixers, dough sheeters and grinders. Thus, Comida was founded in 1977. In 1982, Zanolli filed an extraordinary patent for Teorema, the first Italian modular oven. In 1987, Zanolli designers created Synthesis, the first Italian ventilated tunnel oven, which continues to be the European leader in terms of sales and range variety. 

Permanently established in the Italian and European pizza, bread and pastry baking markets, in 1991 and subsequently in 2010, the Zanolli Company expanded and moved to its current design and production facilities in Caselle di Sommacampagna and Villafranca, in the province of Verona.


Elettropizza, the first electric pizza oven


Comida, a company specializing in the manufacture of kneaders, mixers, dough sheeters and grinders


Teorema, the first modular oven


Synthesis, the first Italian fan-assisted tunnel oven


Transfer of the company to Caselle di Sommacampagna


Opening of the Villafranca di Verona site


AVGVSTO®, the electric dome oven with patented design and Air Trap System