Scuola della Pizza Italiana and Zanolli. Education without borders based in Udine

Experience-tempered audacity is one of the features we share in common with the Scuola della Pizza Italiana, with which we started a partnership in 2015. Since then, teachers and learners have the chance to use a range of versatile equipment embracing the entire pizza-making process: dough preparation with the Galassia kneader; dough molding with the Ercolina divider and the Devil  pizza molder; different kinds of cooking methods with the Teorema Polis   pizza oven, the Synthesis  tunnel conveyor oven, and now the AVGVSTO electric pizza oven, which has inevitably seduced a lover of strong sensations such as Lorenzo Collovigh.

Zanolli oven Augusto used at Scuola della Pizza Italiana