A helping hand in your pizzeria

Spiral rounding machine GIANO by Zanolli

The Giano rounding machine speeds up work in the kitchen; while you portion the dough for rising, this pizza rounding machine simulates human hands to round it.

Spiral rounding machine

The Giano system is very simple but effective; the machines are designed and built to a high standard, with high durability and low maintenance. 

Particular attention has been paid to its construction. The stainless steel structure, the Teflon finish on the spiral head and the simple design of the machine guarantee easy cleaning and a long service life.  


Thanks to the interchangeable spiral rounders, Giano can process dough of different weights, up to 310 grams.

  • Speed
  • Production rate
  • Precision
  • Ideal for freshly made doughs
  • Interchangeable spiral rounders