Imagination and precision combined

Planetary mixers SELENE by Zanolli

The Selene planetary mixer is a multipurpose tool that optimizes mixing times for multiple preparations.

Planetary mixers

Foamy egg whites whipped into stiff peaks, firm and crumbly shortcrust pastry, smooth and even dough, all thanks to the planetary movement of the chosen tool.

Available with two or three speeds, or with a variable speed drive that allows you to set the desired speed, all models have a control panel with a timer.


A fine-wire whisk, spatula and hook are just a few of the tools you can use with Selene; the stainless steel bowl, which comes as standard with all models, guarantees high performance and great durability.

  • Excellent stability
  • Quiet operation
  • Models available with different motor speeds
  • Control panel with timer
  • Extensive range of accessories